The Contour Client

Landscaping Client:

Do you appreciate the intrinsic value that a well-maintained landscape can add to your property? Are you looking for a partnership geared toward achieving common goals for your property while maintaining sensitivity to cost and value? If you answered yes to these questions, then you will enjoy working with our knowledgeable and qualified professionals to manage your landscaping needs.

Contour Landscaping, Inc. uses a professional yet friendly approach to help you achieve landscaping of which you can be proud. Our clients tell us they enjoy working with our courteous and experienced staff who listen carefully to their needs before making landscape recommendations. We provide landscape services in far North Chicago and in the North Shore communities, partnering with our clients to create and maintain the landscapes of their dreams.

Explore the possibility of becoming a Contour Landscaping client today. Call us: 847.673.5149

Snow Services Client:

If you are responsible for the safety and winter accessibility of a commercial, retail or industrial property, consider a partnership with Contour Landscaping, Inc. We help our clients maintain peace of mind before, during and after every winter weather event. Our Chicagoland weather seems to change and vary dramatically. Our on-call meteorologist keeps us up to date on the latest conditions allowing us to attack the storm efficiently and effectively.

Job location is carefully considered when determining our ability to provide snow services. Quick response time is critical to our clients’ winter needs. If you are looking for 24 hour snow and ice services coupled with a 35 year track record working with property managers, businesses and organizations contact us today at 847.673.5149 to set up a comprehensive site review.


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