Landscape Maintenance

Skokie Landscape Maintenance, Contour LandscapingA well maintained property provides a sense of joy and beauty. Every landscape is designed and created with a specific purpose in mind. Our goal is to develop a plan to maintain your landscape to uphold and enhance that purpose. If left unattended, a beautifully landscaped property can become overgrown quickly and begin to decrease in appearance and value. Regular maintenance, professional guidance and timely enhancements can keep your landscape environment healthy and attractive.

Our maintenance staff consists of teams of trained technicians assigned specifically to your property. Weekly service is performed by the same team throughout the season to ensure consistency and timeliness of each service. Your property is inspected regularly by one of our professional Account Managers capable of identifying potential problems and recommending affordable solutions.  Your Account Manager is your primary contact with our organization and can be reached most any time by phone or email communication.

We know the importance of working within cost parameters. A comprehensive maintenance program must be tailored to match budget amounts.  Let us help you prepare a cost analysis of your landscape maintenance needs both now and for future years to come.

Call 847.673.5149 for your FREE property assessment or visit us at

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Landscape Design/ Build

Landcape Design, Contour Landscaping, Skokie Landscaping When designing and overseeing the renewal or revival of a landscape, we strive to understand the client’s vision and goals. This is a priority for us at Contour Landscaping, and is always at the forefront of each one of our projects. Using designs created by licensed landscape architects or qualified landscape designers, every installation receives the needed and desired attention from start to finish.

All projects, from small annual flower plantings, to dynamic perennial gardens, to complete landscape renovations, require attention to detail and sensitivity to cost. The design/build process can be an enjoyable and exciting event to add lasting value to your property.

Landscapes are not often permanent and rarely last forever without the need of reviving.  As our landscapes age and mature they can take on a completely different purpose than when they were originally built. When this time presents itself, it’s important to have a qualified professional look at the overall property and review with ownership just what the future needs are. All great projects begin with a thorough plan; one that assesses the basic needs and provides solutions to questions and challenges.

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Snow and Ice Management

Snow Removal, SkokieContour Landscaping, Inc. is recognized as an industry leader, licensed, certified and fully insured.  Whether you are a building owner, property manager or facility engineer, we can effectively manage your snow and ice concerns.  Our focus is to be successful by making others successful.

We take the worry out of snow management which gives our clients peace of mind.  We strive to keep within your budget constraints while maintaining quality and above all, providing safety.  To ensure we keep abreast of all snow and ice events we have retained a professional meteorological service.  This advanced technology provides us with up-to-date weather monitoring as Chicagoland weather can change in a moment’s notice.  Additionally, we maintain detailed weather records to protect our clients’ interests related to possible slip and fall incidents.

24 hour service with zero tolerance ice control capabilities is paramount for today’s snow fighting options.  Our experienced team is prepared, proactive, and equipped to meet the demands of Chicagoland winters.  Our approach begins with advanced planning and management control systems which requires the right equipment and highly trained personnel.  We implement a unique strategy developed for each individual property, including the assignment of required equipment, operators, sidewalk personnel, materials, and supervision.

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Winter is coming


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“Just Enough”

Applying Salt For Winter De-Icing 

It’s not too early to begin thinking about the coming winter and how to deal with the icy, slippery conditions that can plague our roadways, parking lots and sidewalks. Keeping roads and parking areas free of ice and snow is an essential part of modern life. However, road salt – one of the main tools used to achieve this task – contains chloride as its principle ingredient. Chloride does more that melt snow and ice; it negatively impacts local lakes and rivers. Other ingredients of commercial road salt may include small amounts of arsenic and cyanide.

As snow and ice melt, they drain into landscaped areas or storm sewers, and then to natural bodies of water. Waters from a deiced area contain high levels of chlorides, which do not degrade, and there is no cost effective way to remove it. Excessive levels of chlorides can severely impair the ability of plants in gardens, landscaped areas, and rivers and streams. Fish and other aquatic organisms are then impacted by the decline in habitat. In additional to harming the ecosystem, overusing chloride can damage garden greenery such as turf and plants, reversing any beautification efforts you have made.

So what is being done to reduce the use of chloride for de-icing? Roads must remain clear to protect public safety so the use of chloride products will likely continue. However, many communities and snow management professionals are already employing alternative technologies to de-ice their roads and parking surfaces. Anti-icing, which is an application of salt brine to roads when winter precipitation is forecasted, is a very effective way to prevent the formation of ice, thus reducing the amount of product applied later. Chloride products are also being pre-treated with alternative coatings at the time of application or prior to storage. The benefits of these coatings include; greater effectiveness at lower temperatures, holding to surfaces longer and ultimately less product used per square foot.

Employing the “Just Enough” principle – applying just enough de-icing product to keep your property ice-free and safe – is the best solution. Gone are the days of spreading rock salt before, during and after every snow storm.

Make sure that you are following the “Just Enough” guidelines listed below or that you have hired a qualified snow management professional that employs these practices:

  • - Plow, clear, shovel or blow as much snow before you use a deicing product
  • - Apply “Just Enough” product to keep the high traffic areas clear of ice and hazards
  • - Block off or eliminate low traffic areas during snow events to decrease the amount of products needed
  • - Sweep or collect un-dissolved product after a storm is passed
  • - Consider switching to pre-treated deicing products
  • - Support changes in chloride application in your municipality
  • - Inform a neighbor about the impacts chlorides have on our landscapes and ecosystems


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