Landscape Design/ Build

Design consultation resize Landscape Design/ BuildWhen designing and overseeing the renewal or revival of a landscape, we strive to understand the client’s vision and goals. This is a priority for us at Contour Landscaping, and is always at the forefront of each one of our projects. Using designs created by licensed landscape architects or qualified landscape designers, every installation receives the needed and desired attention from start to finish.

All projects, from small annual flower plantings, to dynamic perennial gardens, to complete landscape renovations, require attention to detail and sensitivity to cost. The design/build process can be an enjoyable and exciting event to add lasting value to your property.

Landscapes are not often permanent and rarely last forever without the need of reviving.  As our landscapes age and mature they can take on a completely different purpose than when they were originally built. When this time presents itself, it’s important to have a qualified professional look at the overall property and review with ownership just what the future needs are. All great projects begin with a thorough plan; one that assesses the basic needs and provides solutions to questions and challenges.

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